One of the things I miss the most about living in the U.S. (and particularly Indianapolis with the likes of Patachou, Three Days in Paris, and Milktooth) are places to get a decent brunch! We have, however, luckily found a few places that are perfect for a big, late breakfast on a Saturday morning, and if you happen to be in La Paz with a brunch craving, check these spots out! 

First let me start with traditional “brunch” food of Bolivia – salteñas. Salteñas are like sweet, mobil chicken potpies, and they’re delicious. Our personal favorite place to grab one is Paceña La Salteña, but there are plenty of restaurants and roadside stands selling salteñas in all varieties – pollo, carne, even cerdo once in awhile!


Now, while I am a big fan of salteñas, they do not necessarily cure my brunch craving. Sometimes I just need pancakes and eggs…. or better yet, some bacon or a crepe! 

Top Three Places to Grab Brunch in La Paz: 
La Crêperie 


This place is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites in La Paz. They sell a variety of sweet and savory crepes. We like to mix and match – a sweet plus a savory – to make a complete, delicious, brunchy meal! Not only is the food great, the restaurant is absolutely adorable. Painted bright blue on the outside and bright and cheery on the inside, it’s tough to miss in the Montenegro neighborhood. Check it out! And don’t forget to sip a fresh fruit juice while enjoying your crepe. 


Cafe Blueberries

As it’s name indicates, Cafe Blueberries specializes in dishes involving blueberries, and their pancakes are AMAZING. Their syrup is also the best – really sweet and light. They also serve a complete “Desayuno Americano” with eggs, bacon, pancakes, fresh fruit, and hash browns, accompanied by coffee and juice for under 50Bs. You can find Cafe Blueberries near Plaza Avaroa on Calle 20 de Octubre in the Sopacachi neighborhood. 

Casa Grande 

If you’re looking for a brunch buffet, the Casa Grande hotel in Zona Sur is the place to go! The bacon is the closest I’ve found to the nice, crispy, American style bacon we all know and love, and their pancakes are pretty great too! They also have an omelette station and a mimosa station. There are two Casa Grande hotels, both which offer brunch, but I recommend the larger one on Calle 16. A bit more variety, and a cool atmosphere. The all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet lasts from 7-11 am on Saturdays and costs 74Bs per person. 


I hope at least one of your Saturdays in La Paz is spent lazily enjoying a delicious brunch at one of these restaurants! 

And if you have any other recommendations for a great breakfast or restaurant in La Paz, comment below! 


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